Senior Quality Engineer (高级质量工程师) - Shanghai




  • 领导新供应商选拔、预评价、评价和资格认证的质量活动;

  • 专注于 CAPA、风险缓解和风险评估

  • 与加工商/供应商密切合作,通过有效的过程控制解决产品质量问题;与现有/潜在供应商合作,评估质量体系合规性和过程能力,并现场审核现有/潜在供应商以验证和认证合规性和能力;

  • 领导/参与关键质量项目,为特殊质量项目提供支持;

  • 负责技术写作和SOP和WI的创建;

  • 跟进审计意见的纠正/预防措施并验证有效性;

  • 直接与营销,研发,采购,工程对接,以建立对新供应商和新产品的质量要求;

  • 领导供应商的质量绩效审查,支持经理组织和维护供应商监督审核/年度审核总体计划;

  • 支持提高运营KPI管理的QA杠杆;

  • 交叉支持其他团队成员的工作。


  • 科学或工程学科的最低大学学位

  • 高级质量工程师--至少5年医疗器械,制药或cGMP相关行业的质量控制/质量保证经验

  • 认证ISO13485内部审计师

  • 足智多谋,有条理,能够在快节奏的环境中独立工作

  • 良好的沟通,人际交往能力

  • 具有技术素养,能够吸收多个产品系列的信息

  • 熟悉国内外质量体系,特别是GMP/ISO13485/FDA的QSR要求

  • ASQ CQE/证书六西格玛绿带是首选

  • 需要英语水平, 包括口语和书面交流


Focus on supplier qualification, supplier quality management, CAPA and process check

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Lead the quality activity in the selection, pre-evaluation, evaluation and qualification of new supplier;

  • Focus on CAPA, risk mitigation and risk assessment

  • Work closely with processors / suppliers to resolve product quality issue through effective process control; Work with the existing / potential supplier to evaluate the quality system compliance and the process capabilities, and on-site audit existing / potential supplier to verify & certify the compliance and the capabilities;

  • Lead / participate in critical to quality projects and provide supports to special quality projects;

  • In charge of technical writing and the creation of SOP and WI;

  • Follow up the corrective/preventative actions to the audit observation and verify the effectiveness;

  • Interface directly with Marketing, R&D, Sourcing, Engineering to establish the quality requirements to the new supplier and the new product;

  • Lead supplier’s quality performance review, support manager to well organize and maintain supplier surveillance audit/ annual audit master plan;

  • Support to improve QA leverage on operation KPI management; 

  • Cross supports for the work of other team members.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Minimum College Degree in Science or Engineering discipline

  • Senior QE--Minimum 5-year quality control/quality assurance experience in medical device, pharmaceutical or cGMP related industry

  • Certified ISO13485 internal auditor

  • Resourceful, organized and able to work independently in a fast-paced environment

  • Good communication, interpersonal skills

  • Technically literate, able to assimilate information on multiple product families

  • Knowledgeable of domestic and international quality systems, especially GMP/ISO13485/FDA QSR requirements

  • ASQ CQE/Certificate Six Sigma Green Belt is preferred

  • English proficiency required, especially in oral and written communication

Candidates who are back-to-work, people with disabilities, without a college degree, and Veterans are encouraged to apply.

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