Sales Jobs

A sales career at Cardinal Health gives you the opportunity to work for a fast-paced Fortune 15 company that is changing the way healthcare is delivered. We’re a global organization with a vast portfolio of pharmaceutical and medical distribution services, solutions and medical products. We rely on the drive and teamwork of our sales force to ensure our success.

Cardinal Health employee testimonial: Brent, Sales Manager

The best aspect of my work environment is the autonomy I have to make decisions that have an impact on customers and employees. Being a sales manager at Cardinal Health is similar to being the CEO of your own company. If you are driven and resourceful, you can be successful.

Brent, Sales Manager

Cardinal Health employee testimonial: Kim, Regional Sales Director

I think the key differentiator between Cardinal Health and other companies is the people. Everyone on the team truly cares and is always willing to lend a helping hand. There is also a strong focus on development and support. It is a great thing to see your peers continue to advance and grow within the organization.

Kim, Regional Sales Director