Senior Consultant- Transportation Procurement

Function: Transportation Procurement— Procurement is responsible for the development of network-wide logistics service purchasing strategy and deployment. They oversee all logistics procurement execution and project management, as well as benchmarking. This team procures services for a network that delivers the highest levels of reliability, speed, and cost while ensuring financial structures remain best in class.

Family: Transportation – Transportation is responsible for the movement of materials and products between suppliers, manufacturing, warehousing and the customer. Logistics manages transportation assets, technology, 3rd parties, and network systems to improve reliability, speed, and cost.

Track/Level: P4 -- Professional lead individual contributor role

  • Applies advanced knowledge and understanding of concepts, principles, and technical capabilities to initiate and manage a wide variety of projects including procurement
  • Participates in the development policies and procedures to achieve specific goals
  • Develops new practices, processes, metrics, or models
  • Works on or may lead complex projects of large scope
  • Projects may have a significant and long-term impact
  • Provides solutions which may set a precedent
  • Independently determines method for completion of new projects
  • Receives guidance on overall project objectives
  • Acts as a mentor to less experienced colleagues

Competency Level: Intermediate

Analytical Thinking

Works to understand complex functional situations by paying attention to the details of the tasks at hand and by breaking them down into smaller pieces.

  • Identifies data requirements, often beyond the standard, and collects all relevant data needed to analyze a complex problem, situation or issue
  • Applies hypotheses and an understanding of cause and effect when analyzing a complex process, situation or issue or discerning data patterns
  • Identifies advanced implications/conclusions from the logical analysis of a complex situation or issue

Building Collaborative Relationships

Collaborates with others and builds strategic alliances globally; negotiates to build broad-based support and/or persuades others in order to influence important outcomes.

  • Gathers support from colleagues and/or other key partners to influence stakeholders as necessary
  • Strives to understand others' opinions and build agreement among team members; utilizes others' ideas and suggestions to shape solutions
  • Continually expands internal network to include additional key partners; begins to build external networks with key groups

Customer Experience

Ensures that clients have a positive experience; commits to meet or exceed client expectations.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to meeting service expectations or fulfilling service agreements; consistently meets customers' needs
  • Displays honest empathy regarding customers' concerns and issues; determines customers' needs and expectations and responds accordingly
  • Adopts customers' perspectives in order to understand their expectations; makes decisions in accordance with customer perspectives and cultural sensitivities

Operational Excellence

Identifies opportunities to improve efficiency while providing flawless transactions and services; manages monetary assets and other resources to optimize cost effectiveness.

  • Tracks resource utilization and ensures that usage complies with budgets and protocols; identifies areas of concern
  • Recognizes unnecessary workflow steps and identifies synergies among processes to improve productivity; eliminates non-value added tasks
  • Maintains a strong focus on delivering high quality work; holds self to high quality standards

Results Measurement and Commitment

Measures and evaluates the effectiveness of protocols, programs or deliverables; compares measurement results to standards and takes immediate action to close gaps identified.

  • Uses available tools to identify shortcomings in protocols, programs or deliverables; participates in cross business team(s) to gather input on service
  • Performs comprehensive studies of measurements against budgets and objectives; suggests improvements based on knowledge of best practices
  • Assists in initiating process changes; collects follow-up data to determine if implemented improvements meet expected outcomes


  • Bachelor degree, or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Cardinal Health is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.