Stability Service Lead


The stability services lead insures that all products and packaging within the Segment meet regulatory and standards requirements for aging.   This position requires the employee to be responsible for stability studies from initiation to completion of all stability testing requirements.   These include but not limited to:  forecasting of future studies and chamber utilization, chamber maintenance to insure adequate up-time to conduct studies,  maintaining all records ( including insertion and removal as well as temperature records [ this includes obtaining yearly downloads of the MWDC warehouse temperature recorders and insuring these documents are compliant for audit purposes ], scheduling, shipping and receiving samples, capacity forecasting, audit support, providing communication to study directors and proposing and obtaining additional chambers ( both through the CAR process and externally through the approval of external lab service providers ).


Forecasting future sample deliveries and chamber capacities.   Orchestrating chamber set points to insure adequate and optimal chamber utilization and cost minimization to the company for external studies. Generate reports using Microsoft Excel Maintain scheduling insertion/removal records using Microsoft Excel Maintain and properly archive original data Schedule sample pulls using Outlook calendar functionality Communicate with other departments – including acknowledgement of receipt of samples, acknowledgement of sample insertion and test plan schedule and communication of tracking information when samples are returned to the study director for testing.   Transport sample to testing/storage area Inspection Lab testing as needed Insure ( either directly or through others ) that an index of product and packaging families is maintained so that studies can be quickly reference and pulled to meet the requirements of auditors.  Forecast future needs and make recommendation regarding future capital acquisitions ( including CAR preparation and processing ). Perform other duties as needed


Office, Lab and warehouse environment where employee would be standing, sitting and some lifting throughout the day.    


  • 7am - 3:30pm work hours
  • Familiarity with working in a warehouse environment desired
  • Strong computer skills in MS word and Excel
  • Good communications skills
  • Degree desired
  • Ability to work independent