Forward Engineer -- Sr. Engineer, Data Analytics

We are seeking a Data-centric Forward Engineer to join our innovation teams at Fuse, to pair with two engineers and rapidly develop technical prototypes.

Job Family: Software Engineering

What Software Engineering contributes to Cardinal Health:

Software Engineering is responsible for designing, developing, implementing and supporting applications, systems and IT products required to achieve the company's business objectives.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of software development techniques and fluency in software languages and application programming interfaces.
  • Demonstrates general understanding of hardware/software platforms including but not limited to operating systems, databases, application servers, web servers and integration technologies.
  • Plans and executes system implementations that ensure success and minimize risk of system outages or other negative production impacts.
  • Demonstrates conceptual knowledge of architecture standards and  database and operating systems.
  • Demonstrates problem solving ability that allows for effective and timely resolution of system issues including but not limited to production outages.
  • Analyzes production system operations using tools such as monitoring, capacity analysis and outage root cause analysis to identify and drive change that ensures continuous improvement in system stability and performance.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of software development, life cycle, modeling of business processes, application design patterns, business/functional documents. Estimates to high level business requirements and provide options analysis.

What makes a Forward Engineer different and effective?  A Forward Engineer is:

  • Proficient in scholarly influence
    • Periodically will have opportunity to lead small 2-4 member development teams.  Previous tech lead experience not necessary, but must feel comfortable with the tech lead roll. 
  •  Adaptable
    • Has a solid understanding and appreciation of disciplined development for final phase production.
    • Understands how and when to compromise practices for early lifecycle activities
    • Passionate about all technology and is excited about opportunities learn new things. 
    • Willing to work in any programming language or toolset appropriate to the current experiment.
  • Curious
    • Brings new techniques and technologies to the table
    • Doesn’t just execute on task as given.
  • Never Satisfied
    • Always looking for better ways of getting tasks and projects done.
  • Always a Focused Outcome Evangelist
    • Proficient at self-prioritizing their work
    • Comfortable challenging project priorities as necessary.
    • Willing to exit “technical theory” work on their own if it’s not relevant to the current outcome.
  • Multidisciplinary
    • Expected to interact with and sometimes play other roles on TV.  (Ex: Product Manager, Project Manager, UI Design, Ethnographic Research, Market Research)
    • Not expected to be experts in all roles, but expected to have an appreciation and desired to help with them.
  • Self-Proclaimed Data Expert
    • “Know It All” in at least one query language
    • A go to” expert in at least one data store, data transformation and / or analytics language
    • Able to display a deep understanding of set theory
    • Able to select right normalization on sight
    • Able to quickly decompose existing data sets / stores and derive their principle components


  • Bachelors Degree in related field or equivalent work experience
  • 8+ years experience in related field preferred
  • Working knowledge of three or more technologies preferred
  • Proven leadership ability preferred