Advisor, Strategic Sourcing

Function: Global Sourcing -- Global Sourcing is responsible for creating and managing diverse strategic supplier partnerships that drive enterprise value with innovation, best cost and competitive advantages that benefit customers, suppliers and patients. Develops and executes strategic plans by leveraging market intelligence, industry knowledge and cross-functional collaboration. Competitive advantage is created through supplier selection and management, contract negotiation, supply chain optimization and risk mitigation.

Family: Strategic Sourcing Global Products -- Strategic Sourcing Global Products is responsible for managing a portfolio of Cardinal Brand products, raw materials, spend and suppliers. Development and execution of global sourcing strategies to achieve best total value, sustainable productivity and high levels of quality and service aligned with business objectives. Process development and management in coordination with cross-functional partners to effectively select suppliers, negotiate favorable contracts, and manage supplier performance and relationships. Understand portfolio risk profile and develop mitigation actions and plans.

  • Global expertise in category including technical product knowledge, cost drivers, related industry dynamics and market trends.
  • Strong project and process management in order to execute sourcing strategy with cross functional teams.
  • Perform data analysis and utilize financial acumen to identify opportunities to leverage scale and drive cost savings.
  • Establish collaborative environment with key suppliers and business partners to optimize supplier performance and innovation.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; able to communicate effectively and interact with personnel at various levels of expertise on a global landscape.
  • Expertise with contract requirements in order to negotiate critical terms and conditions in line with sourcing strategy.
  • Familiarity with manufacturing, quality and supply chain processes to support supplier selection and performance management.
  • Collaborate with and influence business partners in a highly matrixed environment to optimize key supplier performance and innovation.

Track/Level: P3 -- Professional senior individual contributor role

  • Applies comprehensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of concepts, principles, and technical capabilities to perform varied tasks and projects
  • May contribute to the development of policies and procedures
  • Works on complex projects of large scope
  • Develops technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems. Solutions are innovative and consistent with organization objectives
  • Completes work independently; receives general guidance on new projects
  • Work reviewed for purpose of meeting objectives
  • May act as a mentor to less experienced colleagues

Preferred Qualifications

  • BA, BS, or equivalent experience in related field
  • 3-4 years of experience in related field

Functional Competencies

Analytical Thinking

  • Works to understand complex functional situations by paying attention to the details of the tasks at hand and by breaking them down into smaller pieces.
  • Identifies data requirements, often beyond the standard, and collects all relevant data needed to analyze a complex problem, situation or issue
  • Applies hypotheses and an understanding of cause and effect when analyzing a complex process, situation or issue or discerning data patterns
  • Identifies advanced implications/conclusions from the logical analysis of a complex situation or issue
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Collaborates with others and builds strategic alliances globally; negotiates to build broad-based support and/or persuades others in order to influence important outcomes.
  • Gathers support from colleagues and/or other key partners to influence stakeholders as necessary
  • Strives to understand others' opinions and build agreement among team members; utilizes others' ideas and suggestions to shape solutions
  • Continually expands internal network to include additional key partners; begins to build external networks with key groups Business Process Management
  • Demonstrates and executes on knowledge and understanding of relevant business process(es) (organization and/or function-specific processes) at various levels to ensure successful completion of project, process, etc.
  • Leverages functional expertise to anticipate and plan for each step of routine or complex projects/processes
  • Leverages appropriate organization or function-specific processes/skill set(s) to efficiently complete actions/objectives and provides guidance on processes/skill sets to more junior staff
  • Accomplishes complex tasks and provides deliverables within the stated performance and quality parameters
  • Results Measurement and Commitment
  • Measures and evaluates the effectiveness of protocols, programs or deliverables; compares measurement results to standards and takes immediate action to close gaps identified.
  • Uses available tools to identify shortcomings in protocols, programs or deliverables; participates in cross business team(s) to gather input on service
  • Performs comprehensive studies of measurements against budgets and objectives; suggests improvements based on knowledge of best practices
  • Assists in initiating process changes; collects follow-up data to determine if implemented improvements meet expected outcomes Strategic Value Analysis
  • Evaluates alternative solutions/decisions in light of the potential impact on the internal/external customer and Cardinal Health; understands the resource implications of solutions and makes recommendations in adherence to governance and prioritization guidelines.
  • Guides internal/external customers through the evaluation of the impact of a proposed approach on existing tangible resources
  • Partners with internal/external customers to prioritize the value of projects within area of responsibility
  • Collaborates with relevant functional parties to determine the allocation of functional resources within the business